Data Collection

Real-time data collection


PanelGate™ has built a reputation for excellent survey design and implementation of an engaging questionnaire with a consumer-centric focus. We pride ourselves on designing valid questionnaires that truly measure what we intend to measure. Our methodology involves checks on consistency to ensure that the results are reliable. Using trusted survey software, we continue to implement survey design techniques that make surveys more engaging and exciting for the respondent.

Our survey statistician and programmer would ensure that you get the very best out of your research project using sound survey methodologies and scripting. We email the survey link to your customers or our online survey respondents, especially in hard-to-reach demographics.

Quality Control

Our research methodology is driven by a quest for quality data. Below are some of the quality controls we implement when designing and running survey/research projects.

Straight liners: We identify panellists that select responses in the same column all the way.

Happy clickers: We track panellists who answer questions without reading the question text in order to get points. We identify these from their inconsistent responses and eliminate in the final project delivery.

Speeders: we penalize panellists that complete surveys in a time frame the expected LOI.

IP control: We use Geo IP to authenticate panellists’ location and avoid double survey entries.

Demo Surveys

Understand what customers think about your company, products, etc with our brand awareness survey.

Measure consumers satisfaction with your services or front-line support agents and gain insights.

Measure your Ad impact: who it’s reaching, how it’s resonating, and consumers’ reaction so as to optimize campaigns.