About Us

Who We Are

PanelGate Consulting ™ (PGC)  is a digital market insight solution provider. We assist clients and market research partners with digital data collection (online and fieldwork), data analysis and insights on specific target markets.

We are part of a market research network that gives us access to 30,000,000 households representatives willing to share their behavioural data and give us their opinion in 32 countries.

PanelGate Consulting™ is registered as market research and management consulting firm. Our office is located at Fallhammargatan 3A 2tr, 72 133 Västerås, Sweden.

Lead Consultant

PGC is led by Willibroad Tongwa with a team of field data collectors. Willibroad has 10+ years of experience in finance, B2B sales, customer service, logistic, data collection and statistical analysis. Prior to PanelGate, he worked at a Bank, Ministry of Finance, two financial firms and Market Research firms in Sweden and U.K. He has a Cum Laude graduate degree in Econometrics from Stockholm University.  LinkedIn Profile