Research Audience

Sample Audience

How do you reach respondents to collect data? How do you avoid interviewing thousands of people before selecting the right audience?

At PanelGate™, we have thousands of in-depth profile attributes making it easier for you to focus on your target audience. We use highly profiled online panels of 30+ million household representatives to target and interview individuals in hard-to-reach segments.

We can interview different demographic group, from the general population to niche audiences. We can select by gender, age, occupation, income level, marital status, education level, hours of TV watching, the frequency of radio listening and many other panel attributes.

Instant Feasibility and Cost Estimates

We provide an instant estimate of how many respondents we can reach and what it will cost, based on your survey length and target audience.

Quality Assurance

Our online consumer panels are recruited and managed by an ISO 20252 certified panel platform and we adhere to ISO 26362 and ESOMAR quality standards.

Registration: panelists are recruited using double opt-in via permission-based techniques

Frequency Control: We have a set number of days between survey invitations to avoid panel burnout and improve response quality

Management: We regularly clean our panels to remove panelists for various reasons such that only responsive and engaged members participate in our research projects

Incentives: Panelists receive different forms incentives for completed surveys.

International Reach

We are part of a strategic partnership alliance that gives us access to 30+ million survey respondents across the globe. This enables us to serve as a one-stop shop for international online field studies. Examples include:

U.K. = 2,694,287
Sweden = 631,090
South Africa = 242,781
Egypt= 181,586
Kenya= 146,904
Nigeria = 86,467
Morocco=  30,585
Ghana = 18,965
Ivory Coast= 3,988


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